Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ruth and the Intense Information about Turkish Toilets

Well, images are not uploading to blogger at the moment, but I will add them as soon as I can.

So, four days in to Morocco, and I've managed to catch me a cold, which is *tons* of fun while in a beach town, and obviously the best impression to make on all the people I'm meeting. Suitcases got repacked tonight, and ready to be moved to our Community Based Training (CBT) hub, which is in a town of about 60,000 people, in the Middle Atlas region (which makes me think I'm going to Middle Earth). My CBT is a town of about 4,000 people, and apparently gets really cold, and a lot of snow. So, it's a good job I brought mostly winter clothes with me. And to think my mum wasn't going to let me bring my boots. Knowing my luck I'll get placed in the middle of the desert for my finally placement though. We meet our first host families tomorrow, which is nerve wracking, but as I keep reminding myself, time marches on, so there's really nothing that can stop this ball from rolling! I'm excited to be somewhere for a good chunk of time though. And language starts on Monday - 4-6 hours a day of Darija (Moroccan Arabic) - eep!

We met with current PCV's yesterday afternoon, and got the best advice ever: don't trust your farts. I've definitely resigned myself to the fact that there will be... let's say 'uncomfortable' times in the next 2 years. And Turkish toilets will not help this in the least. As my roommate would say, own it.

Moroccan phones were purchased today, which immediately led to our entire group regressing to high school were we all had to get phones numbers, decide avatars for each other and be annoying in the halls by playing all the ringtones one by one. But we can text each other in the coming weeks and months with updates on extreme bowel movements. Face it... it's going to happen...


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