Friday, September 24, 2010

Ruth and the Mzyan Bzzf Makla u Zwin Hamaam.

I got home from lmdrasa today (school) with my fellow PCT and my host mother promptly linked arms with me and led me off. To where, I had no idea. But we were told, if anyone you know (not strangers) asks you to go somewhere with them, just go. So we went, and ended up at a house down the street where we were fed food, food and food. A lot! (Makla, makla u makla. Bzzf!) It seems that there is a snack time here - just after 6pm, just after sundown, and from what I can gather it lasts about 2 hours!

Today we ate:

yummy pancake-like things

another kind of pancake thing with holes (sweet)

hrira (soup)


hard boiled eggs

some kind of meat - not entirely sure

two whole chickens cooked with olives

lxubz (bread)

and of course atay u qahwa. tea and coffee.

I'm going to be so fat by the end of CBT. No joke. The amount of bread and oil I've eaten is just insane.

(3 hours later) I know I said the other day that I had my first bucket bath, but today I had my first REAL bucket bath. My host mother's bathroom became the hamaam for my fellow PCT and I, and my host mother's daughter, who is also my fellow PCT's host mother (it's all in the family here). We went into the bathroom, stripped down to undies and proceeded to scrub ourselves raw - the amount of dead skin that we removed was quite amazing. I have never felt so clean. And when we thought maybe we were finished, we would have our backs scrubbed, and find a whole new layer of skin to get rid of. It was so great, like going to the spa in your own home - I'm going to sleep amazingly well!

Tomorrow is souk (market) which we are all looking forward to - it's the big day in town. Preparations were already underway today - tents and wares were being hauled off the backs of trucks on the main road to get ready. It looks enormous, and it seems like everyone in town is going. Apparently the auctioning of the animals starts around 7am, but I think we are going around 10 or 11 to see what's going on. More on that after the fact!


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