Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ruth and the Missing Couch

I have no couch. My lovely friend took my couch for me - makes me very happy that it's going to a good home, but as I look around my apartment, it's getting emptier by the minute. It's all boxes and tools, suitcases, crates and bags, and my mattress on the floor. Everything is starting to become a little more real, as I start to say goodbye to people, coworkers I've seen everyday for the past three years, friends I'm used to seeing on a regular basis. It's not completely sunk in still, but it's getting there.

I have three more days at work to finish up, then one more day of packing, lots of evenings of plans with friends, a big move of my life in boxes, and then a quiet week at home to recover, regroup and repack.

But the plan is to see as much as possible of people before leaving, meet up with some other volunteers from the Bay Area who will be in my staging group and I'll be traveling with. I think I've done all my shopping - flashlight, water bottle, batteries, extra camera battery, contacts - I've got all sorts on it's way to me. Hopefully I can find the space in my limited packing for it all!

Just 13 days to go now - closer by the minute! Eeeeeek!


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