Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ruth and the Mysteriously Untidy Apartment

So, since finding out about my placement, I've had a busy couple of weeks - handed in my notice at work, handed in notice on my apartment, worked out my move date, and started packing, so I think that truly means that there is no turning back! September 13 is not far off, so I also need to squeeze in lots of friend seeing before I depart. Eeeeeeeeeeee!

After receiving my invitation packet, I sent off my passport information so that I can receive my Peace Corps passport when I get to staging in Philadelphia on September 13. I'll have three passports, which is kind of fun! I'm still waiting for the staging packet to arrive in the post, which will have more details about those two days before I fly to Morocco. Hopefully that'll have some more clues about what on earth I'm meant to be packing in my (very) limited suitcase space. I also had to reformat my resume to be sent to the in country PC staff, and write my Aspiration Statement - what I hope to get out of the Peace Corps, my survival strategies, professional attributes I plan on using, etc. All that's done and gone, and I've not heard from anyone that I did it wrong or forgot to sign the form, so...

Packing is proving to be very annoying - you know how everyone always says that they don't have that much stuff - never true. But, spring cleaning never hurt anyone. Might have to cut my shoe collection down to size.

And there's all that other fun stuff that needs to get done - insurance, canceling the gym, internet, netflix, electricity, getting new backpacks, jackets, running shoes, glasses, going to the dentist and doctor for last minute checkups... the list goes on... and on...

36 days to go!


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