Friday, October 22, 2010

Ruth and the Tale of the Tropical Frog and Tasty Eel

So last night, I got home around 11pm, and went in to the bathroom. The door in the bathroom sticks, so I leant against the door in order to shove it closed, like I usually do. And at this point, I realized there was a frog about 6 inches from my face - climbing up the wall next to the door! It was very cute, once I overcame my initial surprise - it looked like a little tropical frog! I have no idea how it got in the bathroom - the only window is high up on the wall, although it is open, with just a plastic bag over it, so it's possible. Either that or one of the drains. It looked at me, and just kept climbing up the wall, sliding down a little, climbing up more. Cute. Oh, and then I realized it was so cold in the bathroom I could see my breath. So I crawled under the weight of my 2 wool blankets and duvet, and tried not to think about it!

We've been eating a lot of fish lately - today we had eel. And I was going to not try it, but at the last minute decided I would. And it was surprisingly good. A bit mushy, but not very fishy at all. After all the fish was eaten, we put all the pieces of the bone back together - the fish ran nearly the entire length of our table. Impressive fish.

Also got my first stalker today - someone apparently managed to get my phone number, not sure how, and decided to call me 4 times and sent me two blank texts in the space of about 15 minutes. Whoever he is is now Do Not Answer in my phone. Apparently, this is fairly common in Morocco - being called by complete strangers. We've talked in school about how people can meet spouses this way. The lady who lives across the street from school met her now husband on the phone - he called her, and they got to chatting, and now they're married. However, Mr. DNA, whoever you are, don't even think about it. Denied. Luckily he gave up, just as we had decided that the next time he called one of the guys in my group would answer my phone for me pretending to be my husband.

Yesterday we learned about body parts in class, which had all of us in fits at times. We learned that the word for leg, is the same as the word for calf, and also for foot. And then we learned that toes are the same word as fingers, which is very close to the word for the number seven. So, to say toes, you say the fingers of my legs, which can be mistaken for you actually saying the sevens of my legs. In addition to this, the word for heart is very close to the word for dog. So you can bet we spent the next couple of minutes saying things like, "my dog is beating really fast" or "my heart was barking last night!" It really is the little things that amuse us when we're sat in our classroom all day long. I also learned how to say I'm allergic to olives, which I'm not, but I fully plan on using this sentence for the next two years. And yes, I have tried the olives here, for those of you who thought I was going to come back after two years liking them… sorry, I just can't make it happen!

Tomorrow finally going to the hammam - will definitely have an update about that after the fact. Very excited (to be clean again). The Sunday, a day of quiet (and trying to get my head around the conditional in darija.)


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