Friday, October 8, 2010

Ruth and the Just Delicious Goat


In the continuing competition of oneupmanship over kaskrut, it was my family's turn to host us crazy Americans today. And I just ate goat. Which I was, I would almost say, pleasantly surprised by! Wasn't quite what I expected - almost like a corned beef, but I wouldn't have guessed it without being told, that's for sure. It was with couscous, which I think is almost unheard of on a Tuesday, since it involves an awful lot of work to make, and it's typically a Friday lunchtime custom. Tomorrow is the last day we're visiting someone's house, so hopefully it will be back to normal after that, and by normal, I still mean enormous amounts of food at 6.30pm, following by more enormous amounts of food a couple of hours later for dinner.


The craziest weather day EVER. Woke up this morning to an absolutely gorgeous day. We went shopping in town during class, and it was even what one would call hot. Went for a walk up on the rocks after lunch, and it was so nice out and beautiful light all around. Oh, but then. We went to meet with our co-op for the afternoon, and as we were waiting for everyone to arrive, it started raining. No big deal. Then it started hailing. Fine. Bit weird, but fine. Then the rain really started coming down, along with thunder and lightning. Then, it started hailing, no joke, pieces of hail the size of big round quarters - aka massive. And then a river appeared in the middle of the street, while the massive pieces of hail continued to pelt everything - building up so that it seriously looked like there had just been a whole night of snowfall. And then it all stopped. And we started to walk home, to discover that entire streets were flooded - water was pouring over the edge of cafe sidewalks. We had to get in a taxi to take us 50 meters up the road because there was literally no other way. I've never seen anything like it. The trees in the town, and in front of my house have all been shredded by the hailstones, and there are areas with 6 inches of solid ice now. Luckily wasn't wearing my boots today otherwise I would have been bum-first on the ice for sure. Trying to avoid those situations at all costs, my backside is still tender from my repeatedly hitting the bathroom floor last week!


Much less adventure today, but we spent the day busily preparing for hub tomorrow, which marks the end of the first phase of CBT. We're hoping that we can go to a town called Michliffen after we go to the hub - apparently there's lovely waterfalls there, and perhaps we can go on a good hike. We were for a little explore around the other side of our town this afternoon and found what we think is the bridge to a large crown that over looks the town. One day we're going to have to hike up there - perhaps on Sunday I'll go exploring up there. We've crammed a lot of darija in to the last couple of days - we can finally say things in the present tense, not just past tense - yay! - but this will mean lots of studying and flash card making this weekend to try and get at least a little bit of it to stick.

Anyway, I'm off to pack and finally have my first shower of the week (no, that's not a typo), yippee!



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