Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ruth and the Learning of Things

You'd think that after 11 months of using turkish toilets I would have learned. But no, that lesson was driven home only just today. Cell phones and turkish toilets don't mix. Cell phones and the most disgusting turkish ever really don't mix. Can cross that off the list of things to do while I'm here though. 

Despite that little incident, I had a very yummy lftur (breakfast) at my host aunts house - moroccan pancake thingers filled with kefta, onions and peppers, delicious cake with chocolate filling, the obligatory harira, and egg tagine for dinner too. Result!

Now for a things I've learned segment, based on the last few days: 
Food is not that important to survival, but chocolate, water and medicine for a funny tummy are essential. 
Don't drop your phone in a turkish toilet (see above). It will stop working. 
Blister beetles don't die easily. Do not assume they are dead even after six or seven gigantic whacks with a dictionary. 
Meringues are really hard to make if you don't have an electric whisk. 
I can make tortillas from scratch, as well as bread like my host aunts! Not muskina any more, Dad - I can make bread!! 
War and Peace is a really hard book to get in to. 
I really miss good mexican food, like Papalotes in San Francisco. I daydreamed about their salsa today. 
Ramadan is very good for losing track of time - neither my host aunt or myself knew the date today. 

I think that's all for now, but there's always more where that came from. 


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