Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ruth and the Ides of March

Yesterday marked six months that i've been living in Morocco. Six months! I have no idea where this time has gone, but I'm still alive and kicking despite obstacles thrown at me, and more importantly, enjoying all of it.

The other good news I have for yesterday, the Ides of March, is that I was not stabbed 23 times. Yay me for keeping that one under control. Instead, I have become one year older and wiser. Mmm… maybe. But, naturally, the day consisted of chocolate cake and baileys, which we all know is happy making in my world. And thank you everyone for the birthday love!

This past weekend I attended a health workshop with three of the women from my association, which was a really great weekend. The workshop consisted of different sessions on topics such as leadership, women's health, the Mudawwana, which is the Moroccan family code, and the rights that are granted to women within this, yoga, tips for making things like salt scrubs and face masks out of easily available foods and a community planning session during which the women worked out an action plan for bringing all of this information back to their communities. We also all went running on the beach in Agadir, which was great fun, and for me, it was a great weekend for bonding with my women. They also took me to the souk in Agadir after the workshop concluded, where we ate huge plates of yummy fish, and and walked around the hugest souk I've ever seen for a while. We were all exhausted upon arriving home, but happy with our weekend. My women are already planning on holding the workshops to teach back in Ain Chaib, starting this Friday.

It's been raining in my site since last Thursday, which means that all of the roads are flooded again. There's a roughly one-foot wide dry track on the edge of each road which is now the path, and leaves to me clinging to the wall desperately trying to avoid falling in the small lake that is the actual road. Fun times!


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  1. You are such an inspiration, seriously.

    Cannot wait to see you and celebrate you!!!!