Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ruth and the Fixing of the Photos

So, I've just discovered an amazing way to post pictures, captions and all, without them looking like a complete mess and making me want to throw up.

I'll be revisiting old photo posts to clean them up, eventually, but the theory goes, I will now be putting up many more pictures for your viewing pleasure. My gift to you.



  1. Thank you for your open blog. I am really enjoying it. I am a PC applicant. And I found out yesterday that I was nominated for "North Africa- Business Advisory" which means Morocco in September! So I went and looked up all of the Morocco PCV blogs. And I just love yours. I'm sure I'll be a faithful reader. I hope we get to meet someday.

  2. Hi Erin,
    Congrats on your nomination! Thanks for reading, and I'm sure that once you're in country we will meet some time. But keep in touch, and feel free to ask any questions before you leave/when you get to packing (bloody hard)!
    Take care!