Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ruth and the Rumors of Spinach

On Monday, I heard a rumor about there being spinach in the town I visited for the day. And no less than three minutes after hearing this rumor - it was spotted. Definitely a day for the books - spinach, cherry tomatoes, grapefruit, and red peppers were all spotted. Sadly, since I'm not cooking for myself yet, I didn't partake of any of these wonderful things, but just makes me more and more excited about living on my own again (not that my family isn't wonderful, don't get me wrong, but I would kill for a salad).

I went to Taroudant on Monday, which is about 40 minutes by taxi to the East of me, to meet with the delegate of the Ministry of Artisana, which was all fine and dandy, and then spent the day with a 2nd year volunteer, who showed me the good pizza in town, where to get contact lens solution, I bought some cheese (just the soft goats cheese kind, but still - excitement!) and… spinach! Oh, and we found a new ice-cream shop too. There are treasures indeed in Taroudant. And shops that you can walk into - which are severely lacking in Houara. I'm definitely going back for the veggies and housing bits.

*Side note from Wednesday: Found cheese in Houara today!! In a walk-in shop!! Life is good, or at least on the up.

Despite all my cheese excitement of the past couple of days, many of my conversations this week have gone something like this :

Host mum: This singer is from Morocco.

Me: She's very good. Is she very popular here?

Host mum: Yes, but she's from Egypt, so she's not singing in darija.

Me: (silence.)

-- or --

Next door neighbor, Amina: You need to go and see Fatima (future landlady) about your new window.

Me: Okay, no problem. When should I go? Is she at her house now?

Amina: Now, go now.

(Goes and gets shoes)

Me: Okay, I'm going to go and see Fatima, and then I will go to Houara.

Amina: Why are you going to see Fatima?

Me: To see about the window.

Amina: But she's not at her house now. Later.

Me: (silence.)

I'm still confused. And will continue to be, probably until 2012.


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