Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ruth and the Sunset Photo Madness

Sorry for the mass photo post, but it's been a while. A short explanation follows as I've been all over the place. Sorry in advance for all the sunset photos, but they are pretty, and I got carried away, okay?

1. Goat on mountain. In current town.
2. Current town from top of said mountain.
3. Mars. From the roof of our hotel in which we have our training meetings.
4. Same town as above.
5. Lake somewhere between Kenifra and Azrou.
6. Mosque in Marrakech!
7. Mosque in Marrakech again!
8. My final site (Ain Chaib) from just outside the town.
9. The larger city (Ouled Teima) next to my site, from outside my town.
10. View from the window of my new homestay family's house. Pomegranate orchard!
11. Mosque in Marrakech, part 3. (Sorry...)
12. Random town on the drive to Marrakech.
13. The desert.
14. The desert again.
15. And some more. There's a lot of it about.
16. Small town in the mountains near Beni Mellal
17. Same. Big mountain.
18. Me and CBT mates.
19. Surroundings of current town at 7am.


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